Apeshit. Jay Z and Beyonce. Great Married Collabo! Great Sound!!


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Apeshit Jay Z Beyonce Trap Married Collabo


Apeshit by Jay Z and Beyonce (The Carter's) is an impressive track that showcases the couple's incredible chemistry and musical talent. The production is top notch, with a mix of arena-ready synths and hard-hitting drums. The lyrics are clever and packed with punchlines, as Jay Z and Beyonce trade bars about their success and dominance. It's an effortlessly cool record with a lot of swagger and attitude, and it was destined to be a fan favorite.

Released in 2018. The song received widespread critical acclaim for its lyrics, production, and music video.

Critics praised the song for its powerful message of black excellence and its commentary on racial and social issues. Many also praised the production, which features a sample from a song by the iconic composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Rolling Stone called the song "a masterpiece of trap music" and praised the Carters for "reclaiming their throne as the king and queen of hip-hop."

The music video for "Apeshit," which was filmed at the Louvre museum in Paris, also received widespread critical acclaim for its stunning visuals and its celebration of black culture and history. The New York Times called the video "a powerful expression of black identity and achievement," while The Guardian described it as "a powerful statement of intent" and "a masterclass in black excellence."

Overall, "Apeshit" was widely praised by critics and is considered one of the standout tracks from The Carters' collaborative album, "Everything Is Love."

It is VERY AMUSING to hear Bey say "Get of my dick" though!! Get of your WHAAAT??😅🤣

June 14, 2023


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